For many the most faithful companion of adventures and the most reliable kitchen assistant. So much so that they don’t resist giving it away on vacation and accompanies them wherever they go. For all who have it on hand, we bring you the 47 best Thermomix recipes for the summer.

With Thermomix the best gazpachos, salmorejos, and other cold creams are prepared, but the thing is not here. The rice dishes, as summer as the bicycles, go out of fable with this robot, as do the salads, the doughs of bread and pizza and other elaborations. Among our selection of the best Thermomix recipes for summer, you will find these and many more.

To eat with a spoon

As we have just mentioned, the summer recipes that best come out in Thermomix are those that require crushing. The power of its blades gets velvety and creamy textures in cold soups and gazpachos. All this without the need to peel the ingredients or strain the result. Total time savings.

  • Cordoba Salmorejo
  • Andalusian gazpacho
  • Porra de Antequera
  • Zucchini Vichyssoise
  • Cold apple and leek soup
  • Cold Coconut Pepper Soup
  • Cold cream of cucumber and avocado

To eat with a fork

Yes, yes, we are in summer and we are careful with what we eat so we can look our best in a swimsuit when we go to the beach or the pool. Even so, who wants to give up the carbohydrates that rice and pasta give us? In moderation, but do not miss these succulent dishes that you will have ready in a very short time thanks to Thermomix.

  • Carbonara with vegetables
  • Nelba rice
  • Soup rice
  • Russian salad
  • Omelet
  • Country salad
  • Provencal courgettes
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Leeks with papillote
  • Chicken in Coca Cola sauce
  • Chili and meat
  • Monkfish with prawns
  • Squid with potatoes

To eat with your hands

An informal dinner with friends or family, a snack before lunch, eating with your hands is something we all love. A plate of crudités and any of our hummus and dips and we are happy. Although we do not make any of these proposals ugly among which you will find pizzas, empanadas, patés and much more.

  • Serrano ham and vegetable ratatouille pizza
  • Green pizza
  • Quick cockles cebiche
  • Turkey and avocado quesadillas
  • Tzatziki or Greek yogurt and cucumber sauce
  • Ham and cheese focaccia with onion
  • Avocado pate
  • Chicken croquette
  • Prawns pie and onion confit


Ice cream, sorbets, and slushies are the summer sweets par excellence and with Thermomix they are luxurious and prepared in a jiffy. Nevertheless, they are not the only ones. Prepare great classics of Spanish pastries such as custard, rice pudding or Catalan cream effortlessly is appreciated in summer when the robot takes care of everything.

  • Mango and Orange Sorbet
  • Cherry and yogurt ice cream
  • Lime and Coconut Ice Cream
  • Lemon ice cream
  • Creamy chocolate and coffee ice cream
  • Cheesecake ice cream
  • Cheese flan
  • Light red fruit mousse


In summer it is important to stay hydrated while nourished and, for this, Thermomix is ​​a great ally. Start the day preparing some delicious fruit smoothies and continue in the afternoon to have a horchata or lemon slush very cold. Can’t you make your mouth water just to mention it?

  • Chocolate, dates and oatmeal smoothie
  • Oreo shake from VIPs
  • Horchata
  • Lemon Slush
  • Strawberry, avocado and cheese smoothie
  • Smoothie with kiwi, avocado, and pear
  • Meringue milk granita
  • Lime water with chia seeds

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