Lying in the sun, sleeping more, playing sports, reading that book we have pending, sightseeing and much more. But let’s eat well, homemade and, above all, light. All this and more in our weekly menu.

With our selection of recipes for the next seven days, you will not only have solved lunch and dinner, but also breakfast, snacks, and snacks. Take note of everything you need for this, organize your shopping lists and enjoy delicious summer recipes, light and quick to prepare.


  • Food: White bean salad with assorted tomatoes and kolokithokeftedes or zucchini and feta cheese fritters.
  • Dinner: Vegetarian burritos.


  • Food: Noodles with mushroom sauce with sherry and baked sardines in the pickled sauce.
  • Dinner: Arugula and bacon sandwich.


  • Food: Gazpacho without bread and chicken thighs onions to coffee.
  • Dinner: Green pizza with pesto and vegetables.


  • Food: Lentil salad and beautiful onions.
  • Dinner: Catalan spinach.


  • Food: Eggplants with spicy tomato paste and kibbeh Samak or Lebanese fish cake.
  • Dinner: Crispy tortillas with figs, red onion, San Simón cheese, and honey.


  • Food: Broccoli pan with spices and cheese and honey turkey tacos with almonds.
  • Dinner: Seafood Salad.


  • Food: Gazpacho with avocado and easy meat pie.
  • Dinner: Llesca with tomato, mozzarella, and arugula.

Snacks and snacks

  1. Breaded feta cheese with pink pepper honey and thyme.
  2. Garlic clams.
  3. Traditional Guacamole.

Breakfasts, snacks and sweet treats

These days what you most want at breakfast or snack time are light foods that keep us hydrated and well-nourished. The fruit is perfect for this, but if you feel like changing or giving yourself a sweet treat, we present five varied options. Very different from each other, but all surprising.

  • Cracked Lemon Cookies.
  • Pudding of dark chocolate, avocado, and tahini.
  • Truffles avocado.
  • Genoese cake.
  • Glasses of yogurt and two chocolates.

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