Even among the backstage of three Michelin stars, accessories are used that do not require a large investment but give great results. Beyond the obvious – knives, pans, blenders or casseroles – there are some very affordable utensils inspired by professional kitchens that will lift our dishes easily.

A set of bottles

Few kitchen utensils are so cheap and so useful. In any professional kitchen worth its salt we will find a few bottles of the food use of different sizes, and we should all take an example.

They are very practical for storing basic preparations such as vinaigrettes and sauces of all kinds and allow to place, decorate and dress with great precision. A good idea is to invest in three or four different sizes, including at least one small bottle for final touch-ups.

In Amazon, we have Lacor models in various sizes from 1.39 euros the smallest unit of 120 ml. The colors of red and yellow, associated with mustard and ketchup, are not highly recommended as they reduce versatility. Better opt for the semi-transparent generic white.

A basic mandolin (but that cuts well)

When cutting vegetables, fruits and vegetables in thin slices or julienne, quickly, homogeneously and perfectly, there is nothing like a mandolin. Of course, it has to be of good quality and easy to use, so our recommendation for the most reluctant is a simple model.

Better forget the most expensive and bulky mandolins, full of blades, blades, and accessories that we will never use. A simple, hand-held model, with a sheet and three levels of thickness, will be more than enough. This OXO model fits in any drawer and its quality guarantees good handling safety.

Silicone tongues

Sometimes we call them interchangeably spatulas or tongues; Either way, flexible languages are very useful in all types of preparations. They allow to flock pots, bowls, and glasses of kitchen robots, they are very useful for mixing doughs but also for cooking or sauteing, fantastic when preparing eggs.

A set of at least three heat-resistant languages, with different sizes and hardnesses, should be basic in any kitchen. Our pans and casseroles will thank us as they do not damage any delicate surface.


Metal spatulas, both angle and straight, are more associated with pastry and chocolate work. However, they can be very useful in everyday cooking. Starting with the preparation of sandwiches and sandwiches. The difference with using a simple knife shows, and much.

Of course, we would appreciate having them on hand to glaze any dessert; also to spread all kinds of sauces, creams or creamy doughs, they will even be useful for evenly matching the crêpes and pancakes dough on the plate or for lifting and turning the food. A basic kit of various sizes like this comes out for just € 6.99.

A good (and thick) cutting board

If we have already invested in good knives, we need a decent cutting board. It is essential in any kitchen, and scratching in its quality can take its toll, even damaging the edges of our tools.

Quality wood can be safe and a great investment if we take good care of it, but we can also opt for a material widely used in restaurants, high-density polyethylene. A thick model, resistant to bumps and scratches, which is not deformed, is a great investment, even better if it has non-slip bases. As for the size, the bigger the better, although it will depend on the space of our kitchen.

Mass cutter scraper

Who is starting in the world of homemade bakery, or usually prepare sweet and savory pastry doughs, would appreciate welcoming a cutting scraper at home. But its functions can go much further.

Thanks to the stainless steel edge, the scraper is used to easily cut portions of raw and cooked doughs, for example, pizzas or quiches. It is also useful to cut some vegetable products or chop herbs, to scrape the work surface, work chocolate, match the cream or cover of a cake, and to pick up the cut ingredients or clean the table.

There are different designs; the type picker can be even more practical than the simple scraper; This model costs 8.09 euros and includes a measurement guide.

Plating tongs (and cooking)

It may seem silly of very meticulous chefs, but when you have some kitchen tongs at hand, you end up using them more than you thought. The finest, straight or curved, will help us to place more elegantly and place those touches of dressings that can be uncontrolled by hand – especially if we do not have a good pulse.

They are also very practical to remove unwanted items from the dish – a seed, a thorn, a piece of eggshell… – or to be more precise cooking certain dishes. For 7 euros we have a good 20 cm long Arches model, although we can find other designs according to our needs.

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